Stevns Klint

– a UNESCO world heritage site

Stevns Klint is more than stunning scenery. In the Klint there are remains from the gigantic asteroid that caused the death of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Foto: Tage Klee

The catastrophe that caused mass extinction on Earth

Imagine yourself being 66 millions years back in time. At that time dinosaurs had already ruled the Earth for about 174 million years and had evolved from small size creatures into enormous beasts.

At that time, Denmark had not yet emerged above the sea level. Denmark was covered by the Cretaceous Sea, which was full of life: algae, fish, ammonites, sharks and the sea living dinosaur: mosasauri.

Then one day everything changed. The worst catastrophe in the history of the world happened. The Earth was hit by a gigantic asteroid that wiped out about 2/3 of Earth’s animals and plants – including the dinosaurs.

Remains of the asteroid can be found in the fish clay – a small, dark layer of clay in Stevns Klint.

Stevns Klint is the best place in the whole world to see the fish clay. That is why it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Explore Stevns Klint with a local guide

I, Anne Rosell Holt, is your local guide and you can book me for your private tour or hike.

I believe that the fastest way to a good life is to slow down, connect with people and spend time in nature.

I look forward to offer you a peaceful tour in stunning nature, where I will unfold the dramatic story about the catastrophe, engage in conversations with you and have good a laugh and “hygge”.

Below I give you two examples of tours, but I can arrange tours and hikes according to your wishes.

I have arranged tours for families, friends, companies, schools, travel agencies, etc.

I am partner with Stevns Klint UNESCO world heritage.

Portræt af Anne Rosell Holt, som er lokal guide ved Stevns Klint

1-2-3 Catastrophes

At Højerup you can hear about, not just one catastrophe, but three.

Enthusiastically, I will tell you about the greatest catastrophe of all time: the asteroid that caused the fifth mass extinction on Earth.

However, several dramas have taken place in Højerup, which the partially ruined Højerup Old Church testifies. In 1928 parts of the church fell off the cliff – as well as some of the graves.

The peninsula of Stevns has been inhabited by vikings. You will hear about the dramatic rescue of our former viking king Staevn. Maybe he stayed alive with the help of God?

This tour takes about 1.5 hours and is a short, easy walk that is suitable even for disabled people.

Enthusiastic and time-generous angled at 6 year old dinosaur enthusiast - "fish clay". Also good information as to local "head height" views of the fish clay layer which we found after a walk over the stones. Good comms and efficient booking process. Excellent stuff.


Anne was amazing. She managed to make chalk and lime sound interesting and provided a deep appreciation for "corpses" and the mosasaur 😃

Hike, Highlights and Hygge

Enjoy a half day hike along Stevns Klint with stories, “hygge” and quietude.

We take a bus, taxi or bikecycle from Rødvig to Højerup. At Højerup the tour begins with the dramatic story about the asteroid. I show you the fish clay and tell you another dramatic story about the church, which has partly fallen off the cliff.

Hereafter, we start hiking along the cliff back to Rødvig. The hike is approximately 6.5 kilometers/4 miles and is easy to walk.

There are plenty of stunning views over the cliffs, sea and fields, and you can ask me any questions you may have about Denmark.

We will pass Stevnsfort, an underground fortress build within the Klint. The fortress was built in the age of the cold war. It was the first line of defence if war had broken out between the East and the West. I will tell you about the fortress and some funny anekdotes.

Next stop is a refreshment break near the “pyramid” in Boesdal. We can have coffee, a local produced beer or the drink of wisdom for the Nordic Gods: Mead.

If you like, we could talk about Danish “hygge” and why Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Or are we?

Back in Rødvig we experience the charming harbour and I show you the best places to eat, swim and shop local art and handcrafts, which you can do on your own after the tour has ended.

We had lots of fun hiking with Anne. The Stevns Klint Trampesti should be on the radar of everyone visiting Zealand. Anne’s tour not only provides in-depth knowledge about the area but also tailors to our needs, from transportation to lunch options. Thank you so much for being such an awesome guide, Anne!



How many persons can participate?

It is important to me that I have a good contact with each participant and everyone can hear what I say. I can therefore have a maximum of 25 people on the tour or hike.

I have held tours for as little as 2 people.

Are the tours suitable for children?

I, Anne, love children. So if you have children with you, I will tailor the tour both in terms of how far we go, how I convey the stories and the catering if you want this.

It is my experience that the stories about Stevns Klint only catch children when they are a certain age. It will be different for child to child, but from approx. 5 years.

What does a private tour cost?

There are no fixed prices on my private tours as it depends on several conditions. These are:

  • How many participants you are
  • How many hours you want the tour to last
  • Whether you will like refreshments or catering
  • Whether you have particular wishes for the content of the tour which I need to spend extra time preparing
  • Whether you need transport

When we have talked or written together about your private tour, I will return as soon as possible with a written offer, in which I describe the tour and its price.

How do we book a tour with Klintetours?

You can call Anne, the guide, on this number: + 45 60 69 69 00

You can also write an e-mail to:

How do we pay?

When accepting the written offer Klintetours will email you an invoice which can be paid as a bank transfer or you can pay by Paypal.

What about transportation?

From Copenhagen it takes an hour by car.

If you wish to use public transportation, I can help you by sending you a timetables for the trains and busses. I recommend you to buy the City Pass x-large ticket for the public transportation, since it covers all trains and busses, you will need for your daytrip from Copenhagen.

Billede af rejseplan fra København til Rødvig

An example of a plan for public transportation

Is there anything we need to pay special attention to?

It is important that all participants can complete the trip we arrange.

They must:

  • be able to walk the agreed distance and pace
  • be able to walk in the chosen terrain
  • dress for the weather so that they are dry and warm
  • have good shoes to walk in

Will the tour be completed regardless of the weather?

The tours are completed even when it is raining. Put on sensible clothes and shoes.

However, trips are canceled when it can be very uncomfortable or dangerous to complete, for example with weather forecasts that report cloudbursts, heavy all-day rain or heavy thunderstorms.

It is Klintetours that assesses whether the trip can be completed in relation to the weather.

If the trip is canceled due to the weather, this will be notified to you as soon as possible and you will get your money back.

What about illness?

Klintetours is a one-woman company, and if the guide Anne Rosell Holt is ill on the day, the trip will be canceled as there are no substitute guides.

Klintetours follows the state’s recommendations in relation to Corona virus and other infectious diseases / pandemics. If it is recommended to cancel events, you will get all the money back.

What if we have to cancel?

In case of cancellation less than 14 days before the trip: The entire price of the trip is paid with the exception of any meals that have not yet been purchased or that can be canceled.

In case of cancellation more than 15 days before the trip: The price of the trip is refunded with the exception of DKr 300 in processing fees.